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Flavonoids May Stave Off Lung Cancer
Published Tuesday, June 10, 2008

LOS ANGELESA study at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health found flavonoids were inversely associated with lung cancer among tobacco smokers (Cancer. 2008;112(10):2241-8). The population-based case-control study was based off 558 lung cancer cases and a group of 837 controls. Lung cancer was associated inversely with the consumption of 10 mg/d of epicatechin, 4 mg/d of catechin, 9 mg/d of quercetin and 2 mg/d of kaempferol among tobacco smokers. There was little association between lung cancer and the flavonoid compounds mentioned above among nonsmokers. In addition, consumption of vegetables, tea and wine, all of which are rich sources of flavonoids, was associated inversely with lung cancer among tobacco smokers.
This abstract provided courtesy of Natural Products Industry Insider, published byVirgo Publishing Inc.

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