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Mineral Supplements May Alleviate Joint Pain
Published Tuesday, March 4, 2008

MINNEAPOLIS - A multi-mineral supplement from seaweed (AquaminT, from Marigot Ltd.) may help alleviate symptoms of knee osteoarthritis (OA), according to a recently published pilot study (Nutrition J. 2008;7:9). Researchers from the Minnesota Applied Research Centre recruited 70 adults (aged 25 to 75 years) with moderate to severe knee OA; subjects were randomized to receive glucosamine sulfate (1,500 mg/d); Aquamin (2,400 mg/d); glucosamine plus Aquamin; or placebo. Fifty subjects completed the 12-week study. There were significant differences between the groups for changes in WOMAC pain scores over time; however, the significant differences were also found between the groups for WOMAC pain and stiffness scores. The Aquamin and glucosamine groups demonstrated significant improvement in pain and stiffness, while the combination and placebo groups did not. There were significant differences over time in the Aquamin group for WOMAC pain, activity, composite and stiffness scores, as well as in the six-minute walking distances.

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