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Apple Extracts Prevent Aspirin-Induced Damage
Published Saturday, June 7, 2008

NAPLES, Italy—In a recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition Cambridge University Press researchers speculated that apple polyphenol extract (APE) may be therapeutic in prophylaxis of aspirin-related gastropathy (2008) (DOI:10.1017/S0007114508988747). Rats were treated with APE before 200 mg/kg of oral aspirin. APE decreased acute and chronic aspirin injury both macroscopically and microscopically (approximately 50 percent decrease in lesion score; P<0.05). APE also reduced aspirin-induced mRNA and protein over-expression of cyclo-oxygenase-2 (COX-2) and heparin-binding epidermal-growth-factor-like growth factor (HB-EGF); APE pre-treatment counteracted the gastric MDA increase caused by aspirin. APE did not significantly affect gastric acid secretion.
This abstract provided courtesy of Natural Products Industry Insider, published by Virgo Publishing Inc. 

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