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Hawthorn Extract for a Healthy Heart
Published Tuesday, March 4, 2008

GHENT, N.Y.- A study published in the Cochrane Review (2008;1), which suggests hawthorn extract may benefit patients with chronic heart failure, validates a previous study with similar conclusions.

For the Cochrane Review, researchers reviewed 14 double blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trials and concluded hawthorn berry extract may be used as an oral treatment option for chronic heart failure. A previous study, published in 2003, suggested an extract of fresh hawthorn leaves and flowers could have similar effects (Phytomedicine. 2003;10:363-69).

Eileen Sheets, managing director of Bioforce USA, which markets the fresh hawthorn extract under the trade name Cardiaforce, stated: "Although the difference between the Phytotherapy research and the Cochrane Review of studies is the use of the part of the plant (berries in the former, leaves and flowers in the latter), there is distinctive validation and an extra benefit of using hawthorn berries."

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