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NPF Scholarship Fund Awards 2012
NPF Scholarship Fund Accepting Applications for 2012
First NPF Scholarship Award Winners Announced
NPF Announces Call for Scholarship Program
New Study Shows Dietary Supplement Industry Contributes More than $60 Billion to National Economy
Health Impact Study IV Updates Previous Studies, Shows Select Dietary Supplements Could Save $24+ Billion In Health Care Costs
Supplements, Not Sun, for Vitamin D
Multivitamins May Benefit Dialysis Patients
Soy's Unlikely Mechanism of Action
More to Protecting Bone Loss Than Calcium, Vitamin D
Study: Vitamin D May Protect Placenta
Plant Sterols and MPOD
Amino Acid Helps Fight Fatigue
Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer
AHCC Fights Against Infectious Agents
Flax Seed Good Source of Omega-3s
Low Vitamin B12 Linked to Low Brain Volume
Vitamin K2 Reduces Arterial Calcification
Vitamin D May Benefit Multiple Sclerosis
Ginkgo Biloba Affects Alzheimer's
Indian Ginseng and Milk Boost Immunity
Omega-3s Improve Insulin Sensitivity
Vitamin D: A Ray of Health Benefits
Cocoa Improves Endothelial Function
Cranberry Juice Helps Fight H. pylori
Cocoa Proves Itself, Yet Again
Zinc Deficiency Linked to Prostate Cancer
Black Tea Extract May Benefit Cholesterol
Low Vitamin K May Cause Low Bone Mass
Artichoke Leaf May Lower Cholesterol
Omega-3 boosts satiety during weight loss
Vitamin D Supports Cardio Health
Mother's Vitamin D Status Affects Baby's Dental Health
Seniors May Experience Memory Declines After Unhealthy Meals
Boost Calcium and Prevent Broken Bones
Fish-Based Fatty Acids Prevent Asthma?
Vitamin D May Help Prevent Heart Attacks
Appropriate Supplementation Of Vitamin D
Aches? Pains? An Extra Dose Of Vitamin D May Provide Relief
DSEA Merges Into Natural Products Foundation
People With Low Vitamin D Live Shorter Lives
Why Take Supplemental Vitamins?
Sun Exposure And Vitamin D Levels May Play Strong Role In Risk Of Type 1 Diabetes
Vitamin D: New Way To Treat Heart Failure?
Get A Little Sun This Summer
Vitamin D Deficiency and Chronic Low Back Pain
DSEA Merges into Natural Products Foundation
Folate As A Cause And Treatment For Schizophrenia
Vitamins Help Prevent Vision Loss From AMD -- If Used Correctly
Vitamin D Insufficiency May Be Present In Pediatric Patients
Advanced Colon Cancer: Calcium And Magnesium Reduce Neurological Sensitivity
Pycnogenol Reduces CVD Risk
Beta-Carotene Protects Against Sunburn
Honey May Benefit Diabetics' Health
scFOS May Benefit Bowel Health
Flavonoids May Stave Off Lung Cancer
DHA Beneficial to Eczema
Apple Extracts Prevent Aspirin-Induced Damage
Licorice Extract Cures Canker Sores
Cod Liver Oil Reduces Need for RA Pain Meds
Chromium and Biotin — Natural Blood Sugar Control
A Review of the Reasons Why You Need to Drink Green Tea Diet
Saffron Relieves PMS Symptoms
Girls: Keep Up the Calcium for Healthy Bones
Typical North American Diet Is Deficient In Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Flower Power May Bring Ray of Sunshine to Cancer Sufferers
Omega-3 Supports Major Depressive Disorder
Green Tea Fights Exercise Oxidation
Probiotics Help Restore Alcoholic Damage
Young Women Need the Facts About Folic Acid
Addressing Women’s Changing Health Needs - Discovering How Nutritional Ingredients Can Support the Fairer Sex
Health Impact Study III Shows Supplements Help Better Manage Diabetes
Health Impact II Study Finds Seniors Who Take Certain Dietary Supplements Live Longer, More Independent Lives
Health Impact Study Shows Dietary Supplement Usage Could Save Billions in Health Care Costs
Broccoli Sprouts May Help Prevent Bladder Cancer
Consistency Critical in Calcium Benefits
Mineral Supplements May Alleviate Joint Pain
Ginkgo Biloba Protects Memory
Probiotics Increase Immune Response in Athletes
Hawthorn Extract for a Healthy Heart
Low Vitamin E Hastens Physical Decline
Mediterranean Diet: Great for Health and Easy on the Pocketbook
School Lunch Program Promotes Healthy Eating
Lose Weight—and Keep It Off—on a High-Protein Diet
Top Habits of Fit People
New Food Pyramid Supports Seniors’ Nutrition
Kids Need a Calcium Boost
More on Natural Prostate Protection
A Special Feature from 10 Ways to Cut Calories
Four Healthy Habits = a Longer Life
Staying Away from Salt Better for Blood Pressure
Moms-to-Be: Cut the Caffeine for a Healthy Pregnancy
Top Ways to Avoid a Winter Exercise Funk
Zinc May Reduce Pneumonia Risk in Nursing Home Elderly
Bilberry Protects the Kidney
Hawthorn Extract is Heart Healthy
Cranberry Juice Quenches Urinary Tract Infections
Collagen Hydrolysate Reduces Symptoms of Joint Discomfort
PUFAs Beneficial to Adipose Tissue
Vitamin D2 Lowers Risk of Falls
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