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Cinnamon Offers Post-Meal Benefits
Published Wednesday, August 1, 2007

LUND, Sweden - Researchers concluded 6 g cinnamon ingested with rice pudding reduced postprandial blood glucose and delayed gastric emptying without affecting satiety; furthermore, cinnamon in the diet lowered postprandial glucose response, a change at least partially explained by delayed gastric emptying rate (GER). Researchers assessed 14 healthy subjects in a crossover trial (Am J Clin Nutr, 2007 June 85(6): 1552-1556); GER was measured using standardized real-time ultrasonography. After eight hours, subjects' normal fasting blood glucose concentrations were examined. GER was calculated as the percentage change 15 to 90 minutes after ingestion of 300 g of rice pudding (GER1), or 300 g rice pudding and 6 g cinnamon (GER2). The median value of GER1 was 37 percent, and GER2 was 34.5 percent. According to researchers, the reduction in the postprandial blood glucose concentration was much more noticeable and pronounced than was the lowering of the GER, while the effect of cinnamon on satiety was not significant.

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