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Aminos Aid Athletic Performance
Published Wednesday, March 1, 2006

CHIBA, Japan--Branched-chain amino acids appear to enhance training efficiency in athletes, according to Japanese researchers (<> J Nutr, 136:538S-43S, 2006). A combination of branched-chain amino acids, arginine and glutamine was studied for its impact on muscle function, fatigue and recovery in exercising athletes.

In a dose-response study, administration of 6.6 g/d for 30 days increased indices of blood oxygen-carrying capacity and decreased indices of muscle damage. When the amino acid mixture (7.2 g/d) was given to elite rugby players for 90 days during training, the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood was improved. The researchers concluded the amino acid supplement improved athletic training by improving muscle integrity and blood oxygen-carrying capacity.

These abstracts provided courtesy of Natural Products Industry Insider, published by Virgo Publishing Inc.

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