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How Can I Get Enough Vitamin D?
Q: I've heard that vitamin D may help prevent breast cancer. How can I be sure I'm getting enough of it?

A: Recent study results by Dr. Julia A. Knight of the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada, suggest that exposure to sunlight and dietary sources of vitamin D may be two of the best ways you can reduce your breast cancer risk.

Combining the right food with sunshine exposure can produce sufficient vitamin D levels in your body (1,000 IU per day). Here’s how:

  • Getting about 10 to 15 minutes at a time as often as possible in the sun without sunscreen and with exposed skin (face, arms, hands, or back) allows the sun’s rays to penetrate the skin and synthesize vitamin D.
  • Besides getting vitamin D from sunshine, you can also get it from specific foods—including butter, eggs, and vitamin D–fortified foods, such as milk, soy milk, orange juice, and cereals. Oily fish are an animal source of vitamin D3, such as salmon (wild caught is better for the environment), trout, tuna (not every day due to potential mercury levels), sardines, and mackerel.
  • Vitamin D supplements will also help raise your body’s levels; your doctor can test your blood levels to determine when you are getting enough.


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