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Vitamins & Minerals

Note: Before adding stand-alone supplements, find a good dialy multi-vitamin and subtract the amount of each nutrient from the daily total.

800 to 1,500 mg daily 
Depending on age and dietary calcium intake

Vitamin D 
400 to 800 IU daily
Depending on age, sun exposure, and dietary sources

600 to 700 mg daily 
Take under medical supervision

2 to 3 mg daily

50 mg per day
Take under medical supervision

Fish Oil & Evening Primrose Oil
6 grams daily

Folic Acid 
0.4 to 5 mg daily
(With 50 to 1,500 mcg of vitamin B12)

600 mg daily

Adults: 250 mg up to 750 mg daily; for girls: 150 mg daily

Consult a qualified healthcare practitioner

Vitamin B12
50 to 1,500 mcg daily
(With 0.4 to 5 mg of folic acid)

Vitamin K
1,000 mcg daily


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