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Vitamins & Minerals

6 to 10 grams daily combined with an exercise program
Combining exercise with pyruvate may help speed up your metabolism.

Borage Oil
5 grams per day
In one study, supplementing with borage oil helped reduce the amount of weight regained by obese people who had previously shed pounds.

Take under medical supervision: 600 to 900 mg for no more than 12 weeks
5-HTP has been shown to reduce appetite and to promote weight loss.

100 mg twice per day
7-KETO has been shown to promote weight loss in overweight people.

800 mg daily
In a study of obese people following a low-calorie diet, those receiving a calcium supplement lost significantly more weight than those given a placebo.

Refer to label instructions
Chitosan is a fiber-like substance that may reduce fat absorption. One study found it to be an effective weight-loss aid.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid
3.2 to 4.2 grams daily
Though the evidence is conflicting, some studies have shown CLA to be effective at helping people lose body fat.

5 to 7 grams daily
Several trials have shown that fiber supplementation from a variety of sources accelerated weight loss in people who were following a low-calorie diet.

Adults: 3 to 4 grams daily; adolescents: 2 to 3 grams daily
Supplementing with glucomannan, a bulking agent, has promoted weight loss in overweight adults.

Add 6 to 10 grams to each meal
Incorporating cayenne pepper into the diet may promote weight loss by reducing hunger and calories consumed and increasing the calories the body burns.

Green Tea
An extract supplying 270 mg of EGCG and 150 mg of caffeine per day
Green tea extract rich in polyphenols may support a weight-loss program by increasing energy expenditure or by inhibiting fat digestion.

Read label for information
One study found hoodia to be effective at curbing appetite.

Take under medical supervision: enough to supply 5 mg of yohimbine four times per day
Yohimbine, a chemical found in yohimbe bark, may help weight loss by raising metabolic rate, reducing appetite, and increasing fat burning.

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