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What are the best exercises to build healthy bones?

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Q: What Are the Best Exercises to Build Healthy Bones?

A: Exercise is an important part of a good bone-loss prevention program, especially:

  • High-impact weight-bearing exercise. Thirty minutes of weight-bearing exercises helps preserve bone. Walking will work, though high-impact exercises, such as jogging, tennis, and jumping rope, have the best effect.
  • Resistance exercise. Studies have shown that resistance exercises with free weights, exercise machines, resistance bands, and so on, two or three times per week can stimulate bone formation and increase bone mineral density.
  • Postural and balance exercises. Practices such as yoga and tai chi promote good posture and balance awareness, which reduce risk of falling and fracture.

Remember to start with easy exercises and gradually increase the duration and intensity of your program. Its always a good idea to discuss a new exercise program with your doctor, and essential if you are under treatment for any medical conditions.

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