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Q: What Are Some Easy Ways to "Go Green"?

A: This year, celebrate Earth Day by making a few simple changes to reduce your impact:

  1. Choose locally grown produce: Fruits and vegetables grown on nearby farms require less fuel to transport, hence a smaller carbon footprint. Look for “locally grown” signs in the produce aisle.
  2. Enjoy organics: These foods use fertilizers that aren’t petroleum based, so less carbon products are used to make them. They’re also pesticide-free, which means no run-off of dangerous chemicals into your water supply.
  3. Go vegetarian: About ten times as much fossil fuel is burned on average to produce animal protein compared to plant protein, like beans and grains.
  4. Try soy substitutes: Use soy crumbles instead of ground beef, veggie burgers instead of hamburgers, and soy “chicken” nuggets. Besides saving on energy to raise the farm animals, cows breathe out methane, which—pound for pound—contributes more to global warming than carbon emissions from cars and power plants.
  5. Think in bulk: Spices, nuts, and trail mix in the bulk bins are often cheaper and use less packaging, which is better for the environment, but look for those in air-tight containers as oxidized nuts don’t have the same health benefits.
  6. Pick seafood that’s sustainable and healthy: Some fish are over-harvested or are in undersupply to the extent that catching them may harm an ocean’s ecosystem. In addition, some species of seafood pose health risks due to heavy metals and toxins that have built up in their systems.
  7. Buy recycled aluminum foil: Yes, it’s available and requires just 1/20th of the fossil fuels needed to manufacture it as regular foil.
  8. Remember your cloth bags: Tote them to the store instead of using paper or plastic. Think of all the space you’ll save in landfills.

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