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Prostate cancer. Heart disease. Poor reproductive health. Muscle fatigue. How can men, especially over age 40, address these issues? According to many researchers, optimal levels of nutrition can help. Since 9 our of 10 men do not get enough nutrients from diet alone, a high-quality multivitamin may be important. Men should look for a mega-potency multivitamin that meets their specific health issues, with ingredients such as Saw Palmetto, CoQ10, zinc, omegas, and antioxidants.  In addition, whole food concentrates may provide vital benefits for supporting overall health.

Log onto for the latest information on the safety, benefits, and uses of multivitamins for men, and other dietary supplements.  That's  This message is brought to you by Healthy Talk Radio, and the Deborah Ray Show, and the Dietary Supplement Information Bureau, your partners in scientific-based supplement information.

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