Red Clover Protection Against MSG
Posted Monday, September 22, 2008

Research published in the June edition of Phytomedicine suggests that the phytoestrogenic isoflavones naturally found in red clover supplements could protect one from food with high levels of monosodium glutamate, commonly know as MSG. MSG is an additive found in nearly all commercially sold food, and acts to cheaply enhance the taste of prepared foods. It causes the brain to produce dopamine, creating the sensation of well being, but the reality of the situation is rather far removed from well being.

MSG, especially in high concentrations, can be toxic to the same brain centers that it excites. In order to combat this effect, which is almost omnipresent in the restaurant culture, red clover may be a viable preventive deterrent. Here is an excerpt from a Natural News article summarizing the situation:


Food processors love MSG because it makes cheap ingredients taste great. And because it comes from an amino acid, it can be added to foods labeled 'natural' or 'organic'. It's very hard to find any canned or packaged soup, dried soup mixes, prepared meals, fast food, junk food, or Chinese food that does not contain MSG. It's in prepared gravy, salad dressing, seasoning blends and mixes, canned beans, bullion cubes, broths, chili and stews. Stores that cater to the health conscious carry many of these MSG containing items.


Despite all we know about the downsides, completely avoiding MSG is near to impossible if you are eating prepared foods in this day and age. This is why the recent findings about red clover's combative effects are so heartening. Red clover is an herb that grows throughout the norther hemisphere; its flowers are dried for use and taste sweet. It is a good source of calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, and vitamin C, in addition to the phytoestrogen which works to lessen the dangers of MSG.

To learn more, check out this article on Natural News' website: Red Clover Blocks Neurological Damage From MSG


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