Supplements at the Olympics
Posted Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Looking back on the 29th Olympiad there are so many inspirational stories, but one in particular elevates itself to prominence for those interested in dietary supplements: 90% of the 11,000 athletes participating in the Games used supplements, and, despite that great number, there was not a single case of supplement contamination.

This is certainly wonderful news for the industry as a whole. As the prominence of supplements has steadily risen in the athletic world over the years, so too have the stakes for the industry in the wake of high-level events such as the Olympics. With disturbing regularity, dietary supplements have been scapegoated in doping scandals, frequently becoming first line of defense for athletes caught using illegal substances.

Feigning ignorance over their test results and blaming contaminated supplements has become an all too predictable tactic for athletes to save face when confronted with charges of cheating. This defense holds little influence over regulatory bodies overseeing such test results, but it is still prevalent, doing damage to the image of dietary supplements and only delaying the inevitable suspensions that follow. All the more reason that a clean Olympic Games is a tremendous success at this stage in modern athletic competitions.

Dietary Supplements Win Olympic Gold


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