Aging, Exercise, and Supplements
Posted Thursday, September 11, 2008

According to a Manchester Metropolitan University study, a balance of carbohydrate and protein supplements and a well planned low-resistance exercise routine could go a long way to keep senior citizens healthy and fit into their retirement years. The study, reported on by Science Daily News, was the first to chart the effects of a combined supplement and exercise regimen for an exclusively older population.

The experiment charted health benefits over a three month period, comparing high- and low-resistance exercises. While all test groups receiving supplements increased muscle size and strength, it appears that low-resistance exercises were the most beneficial to participants.

"Maintaining muscle performance and arresting muscle wastage can offer older people real improvements in their quality of life," says Dr Gladys Pearson, who led the research. "Though we still need to assess precisely what level of exercise gives the best results, we believe we've shown that regular low-resistance exercise complemented by the right nutritional supplements could boost the well-being of the UK's ageing population."
Key To Keeping Older People Fit For Longer

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