Well Slept
Posted Thursday, September 11, 2008

It is a well-spent third of one's life--or that is the ideal anyway...

Sleep, that protective guardian and rejuvenation, the right and necessity of any healthy person, it is all too troubled for many of us. According to the Centers for Disease Control, only one-third of us are getting this one-third of our liveliness down right. Millions of adults are suffering from chronic sleep disorders; there are over 53 million prescriptions for sleep aids in the US alone.

From Jung and his predecessors to present day sleep research, modern science has begun to pay the restful bit of our day due attention. That said, there are many steps can be taken to improve the situation, and this month's installment of Delicious Living has a very nice article outlining simple things you can do to improve your slumber. Getting out of doors in the early afternoon, fueling yourself well and with a mind to the timeliness of your meals are big helps, among many other small adjustments one can make.

They discuss a few good-sleep supplements as well, which are outlined below:

How it works Dose
Valerian Shortens the time it takes to fall asleep and improves sleep quality. Research suggests it works by binding to the same receptors in the brain as the sedative Valium. 300-400 mg of extract or capsules, one hour before bedtime.
Kava Calms the mind to reduce anxiety-driven insomnia. Note: In 2002, the FDA issued a warning after several people suffered severe liver toxicity after taking kava. Brigitte Mars, author of the Desktop Guide to Herbal Medicine (Basic Health, 2007), says those people took leaf and vine extracts instead of the safer root. Follow directions on bottle; potency may vary. Not recommended for pregnant women, children, or people with liver disorders.
Melatonin Helps regulate sleep cycles. Commonly prescribed for people whose sleep-wake cycle is out of sync due to light deprivation, such as those who suffer jet lag or work the night shift. Also recommended for those who fall asleep too early and wake up in the middle of the night. Note: Prolonged use may interfere with natural melatonin production. Amount and timing vary widely, depending on reason for use.
Consult your health care practitioner for advice before taking any sleep supplement.

Check out the whole of the article at the Delicious Living page, as well as a few other sleeping things:
Sleep Research Online
Stanford.edu - How to Sleep Well
Dreamways - Sleep Dreams


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