The Upside of the Economy
Posted Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Despite the general downturn in most sectors of the economy, vitamins and supplements are expected to expand their market shares nearly 40% by 2012 according to a MarketWatch article published earlier today.

From the article:

"During the past decade, with the massive growth of highly fortified foods, nutraceuticals and functional foods, supplements have been competing directly with foods and beverages," notes Tatjana Meerman, Publisher of Packaged Facts. "But increased media attention on obesity and other diet-related health problems has prompted consumers to take more aggressive steps to avert health problems before they occur, and this includes renewed attention to taking their vitamins."

The future looks bright for the industry, with treatments refining and adapting to the nuisances of age-, gender-, and condition-specific needs.

Here are the links to the original Packaged Facts study and the Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch news release.


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