May the Games Begin (and Never End)
Posted Friday, August 8, 2008

With the beginning of the Olympic Games upon us, the Times Online has a inspirational story up about Dara Torres, five time Olympian ('84, '88, '92, '00, and '08), and the oldest winner of a solo Olympic medal in swimming. She won five medals at 33. Now, at 41 years old, she is out-racing women half her age. And how is this happening? No doubt Torres has long been a world class athlete, but, in addition, she believes in supplements:

"...she turned to Michael Lohberg, a Florida-based German coach who recommended further help from the German doctor who in 2005 used an isotonic, amino-acid-rehydration drink of his own invention to become the oldest world swimming champion. At 35, Mark Warnecke won the 50m breaststroke crown in Montreal. He then revealed that he had shed 20kg in the months leading up to the championships by taking a potion designed specifically with the older athlete in mind. Having set aside his medical career to pursue a lucrative business in supplements for athletes, Warnecke was conscious that older athletes who improved while taking his products, prescribe for “faster regeneration and recharging of the muscles”, might be regarded with suspicion. He sent his “AMSport Competition” preparation to the Cologne anti-doping control laboratory for testing. The result: no trace of “anabolic substances or stimulants”."

An amazing story, and this woman is great. At 41 people just assumed she was doping, so she took every test they could come up with and even offered to freeze her blood and urine for some future-science pilot project. No surprise then--she's clean.

“It’s too bad that some athletes have no conscience," Torres said. "I have a conscience.”

The full story is here, and well worth looking through. Her offical website and a NYTimes Profile with incredible pics for good measure. Enjoy the Games.

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