Fixing Flawed DNA with Vitamins and Minerals
Posted Monday, August 4, 2008

There is a really interesting article up at Science Daily about searching out the genetic differences that cause people's enzymes to perform less efficiently than normal. The huge potential upside to this particular line of study is that researchers believe these slight flaws in the human genome can be fixed with simple vitamin or mineral supplements. Vitamins are already being implemented to correct more severe metabolic deficiencies, but the new research suggests that eventually more subtle improvements may be made for a greater portion of the population.

Jasper Rine, UC Berkeley professor of molecular and cell biology:"Our studies have convinced us that there is a lot of variation in the population in these enzymes, and a lot of it affects function, and a lot of it is responsive to vitamins. I wouldn't be surprised if everybody is going to require a different optimal dose of vitamins based on their genetic makeup, based upon the kind of variance they are harboring in vitamin-dependent enzymes."

Ah, the future. Check out the full article here.


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