Little Steps to Avoid Cancer
Posted Tuesday, July 29, 2008

There is a nice article in the online Reader's Digest page about simple ways to prevent cancer. With so many like-minded guides and lists floating around on the internet, the fresh approach of this particular one was pleasantly suprising. Taking your multivitamins and calicum with vitamin D are in there as you would expect, but there are plenty of suprising twists on traditional ideas as well, making this list well worth a look. Here are a couple examples:

"17. Carry a shot glass in your beach bag. Then fill it with sunscreen and rub it all over your body. A shot glass holds about 1.5 ounces, which is how much sunscreen dermatologists estimate you need to protect yourself from the cancer-causing UV rays of the sun. Repeat every two hours.

21. Have your partner feed you grapes. They're great sources of resveratrol, the cancer-protecting compound found in wine, but don't have the alcohol of wine, which can increase the risk of breast cancer in women. Plus, the closeness such an activity engenders (we hope) strengthens your immune system."

Lots of other fun thoughts too, like sauerkraut picnics, taking up a tea habit, bowling and beer. Yep, bowling and beer. Check out those explainations, and all the rest: 31 Ways To Prevent Cancer.


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