Support NPF While You Shop This Holiday Season!
Posted Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This holiday season there are two great ways for you to help support the Foundation while giving great gifts! By shopping or, you have access to unlimited stores of books, electronics, clothes, and other fabulous presents.

Tastebook: Cooking Naturally

NPF and Tastebook have partnered to give you an incredible new cookbook: Cooking Naturally. NPF is pleased to present this well balanced set of recipes, specifically tailored for all the natural cooks out there.  

Cooking Naturally is a collection of savory recipes and gorgeous photography that's truly one-of-a-kind, a wonderful, personalized gift! These dishes are healthy, diverse, and sure to give you some amazing ideas for a cuisine as natural as it is delicious. We think you and yours will find it to be not only a great complement to any natural lifestyle, but also a wonderful way to shake up your cooking routine.

To begin Cooking Naturally, please click here: The Natural Products Foundation Tastebook and be sure to enter  NATURALPRO in the coupon box at checkout. Proceeds benefit the Natural Products Foundation.

NPF on

Access through the Natural Products Foundation and a portion of your total purchase price comes back to support Foundation activities. Thatís right, just by accessing through NPF and making a purchase, youíre helping to support your industry.

It couldn't be easier. Simply click on any item listed for sale on the NPF websites and and youíll be taken to The Natural Products Foundation will get a portion of the purchase price of everything you buy on the site!

So the next time you want to make any purchase through, access the site through the Foundation websites. Whether you're purchasing books, electronics, movies, music, clothing, or anything at all that offers, you will be helping to maintain our industry's vitality as well.


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