Probiotic PSA
Posted Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Supplement Info has a radio public service announcement on the air that we'd like to share with you here too:


Having problems with your intestinal tract? You may need more bacteria in your diet! Scientists are now learning that maintaining a healthy balance of good bacteria in your gut can help strengthen overall health.
Digestive health is more than an upset stomach and regularity. The proper balance of bacteria in your gut is essential to the body's functioning. They help the immune system function at its best, assist in digesting food and may even manipulate how the body stores fat.
Since some foods that encourage good bacteria growth are now rare in many diets, supplementing with acidophilus may be important. Look for formulas that contain at least a billion microbes per serving, the recommended amount for effective probiotic support.
Log on to for the latest information on the safety, benefits, and uses of probiotic acidophilus and other dietary supplements. That's This message is brought to you by The Dr. Whitaker Show and The Dietary Supplement Information Bureau, your partners in scientific-based supplement information.

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