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Posted Monday, November 24, 2008

(pic via woulda coulda shoulda)

So, have your shopping list ready? Already been to the grocery and back and back again more times than you care to count? Fridge full with defrosting and half-completed dishes?

With the holiday looming and preparation time floating by, preoccupation is certainly in the air for this short work week, so we thought we'd start it out by posting links to a few of the more interesting and instructional Thanksgiving posts we've chanced on over the last few days. Enjoy!

Joy's Healthy Bite: Hidden Nutrition Gems in Your Thanksgiving Feast!
Food Fit: Thanksgiving Menus from FoodFit's Chefs
The Body: A Healthy Feast: Thanksgiving Nutrition
LA Times: Stuffed with nutritional goodies; Turkey's healthful pedigree
Reporter Herald: A rainbow of healthful foods can transform Thanksgiving


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