Tart Cherries for Your Waistline and Heart, Yogurt for Your Bladder
Posted Thursday, October 23, 2008

(Image: Time)

Recent research has found that tart cherries are beneficial to heart health and your waistline, and yogurt can greatly reduce the odds of bladder cancer.

To the cherries first: University of Michigan researchers studying tart cherries have found that high levels of antioxidants in the fruit help prevent heart disease. Additionally, in studies on obese rats, the fruit was found to reduce body fat by about 15%. The cherries have been observed to be particularly slimming around the waist area, the spot which contributes the greatly to heart disease risks. A newly minted superfruit, tart cherries also have the potential to reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol, other major heart health concerns.

And have some yogurt with your cherries, why not - Swedish scientists have found that two servings of yogurt can reduce the risk of developing bladder cancer by up to 40%. The study, published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, had a very large sample size and course, over 80,000 patients and nine years. Amongst these numbers they found that the risk of cancer in yogurt eating males decreased by 36%, while it decreased 45% for females. The findings did not extend their results for other dairy products however. Intake of yogurt is generally thought to be correlated with individuals who have healthier overall lifestyles, and it was noted that nearly half bladder cancer cases in men and a third in women are caused by smoking. Women are three times as likely to be inflicted with bladder cancer.

For more on the respective foods help yourself to the info below:

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