Acai Absorbency
Posted Friday, October 17, 2008



Acai berries are one of the most popular new health products on the market, and Texas research scientists have just released a study that has finally proven that it can be properly absorbed in the human body.

Due to the numerous rich antioxidants the juice and pulp of the fruit contains, there has been a lot of excitement surrounding Acai, a Brazilian palm berry. Because of its recent emergence in the health food market however, research is still in beginning stages of identifying all the benefits and potential uses for the fruit. This latest research is certainly encouraging news.

"Acai is naturally low in sugar, and the flavor is described as a mixture of red wine and chocolate,” said lead investigator Dr. Susanne Talcott, “so what more would you want from a fruit?”


Science Daily: Brazilian Acai Berry Antioxidants Absorbed By Human Body, Research Shows
Wiki: Açaí Palm

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