Vitamin and Supplement Use
Posted Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The TABS Group has just recently reported their quarterly results for tracking vitamin, mineral, and supplement use. One of the major surprises of the results was that sales for fish oil rose far higher than was expected. 21% of all adults age 18-75 have purchased fish oil in the past six months, a rather dramatic increase. Fish oil sales are now on level with the sales of letter vitamins. Rapid growth of this kind has brought this relatively new kind of supplement to the forefront, resulting in increased mainstream attention.

Of the several other interesting trends noted in the study, here are the principal findings:
* Two-thirds of the public have purchased something from the vitamin, mineral, or supplement categories over the last six months, a relatively stable figure over the last several studies.
* Coenzyme Q10 and Acidophilus have still performed as niche products despite their strong sales growth. Claimed purchase was 5% for CoQ10 and 4% for Acidophilus.
* Multivitamins continue to have the highest purchasing strength, with over half of all respondents reporting to have bought multivitamins in the last 6 months.
* Despite its reputation as a supplement to support women’s susceptibility to osteoporosis, one-third of the purchasers of calcium are men.

The TABS Group Study is a conducted quarterly, and examines consumer behavior over the six months previous to the study. Next quarter the TABS report will shift focus to the purchasing habits for all organic and natural products.

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