Liver Awareness Month
Posted Wednesday, October 1, 2008

(Liver, Gray's Anatomy, 1918)


Our friend James Gormley has a new article up at the American Chronicle which shines all kinds of education on the liver, kicking Liver Awareness Month off properly on this first of the month.

The liver doesn't get nearly the attention that some other major organs recieve, but liver disease affects one in ten people, and roughly 30 million Americans.

James' article explains the course and onset of liver disease, as well as detailing the additional threat that the hepatitis C virus (HCV) poses to liver health, before ending with a series of hopeful notes, namely, emerging supplement treatments to combat liver damage.

To get the low down on milk thistle, selenium, zinc, and especially alpha lipoic acid, which shows great promise for keeping your liver tip-top, please click through on the links below for the whole story.

Be a Liver Lover: Alpha Lipoic Acid and Other Supplements Offer Hope
The American Liver Foundation


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