Vitamin C and Bone Loss
Posted Friday, September 26, 2008

New research that is to be released in the the October Journal of Nutrition points to vitamin C as an integral part of preventing bone structure loss in aging men. As much of all we hear about bone strength is heavily banked on calcium intake, this is a development which sheds some light on just how complex preventative treatment can (and undoubtedly will) become.

Calcium is certainly still a huge part of the solution for bone density issues, especially for women. One of the interesting aspects of this new study is that, while vitamin C showed considerable benefits for men, it did not appear to have any similar results for women. The researchers weren't exactly sure why such a result would occur. Several other studies over the years have reported similar findings concerning the relationship between vitamin C and bone loss prevention.

We wanted to highlight one interesting bit of the article from Healthday which comes right at the end of the article:

To clearly establish that vitamin C protects men and women against bone loss as they age, [Dr. Mone] Zaidi, [director of the bone health program at Mt. Sinai Medical Center] said that a randomized, double-blind, large clinical trial is needed. The problem is that because vitamin C can't be patented, drug companies, which usually finance this type of clinical trial, aren't interested, he said.

Check out more details about this latest finding right here.


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