Wondrous Vitamin D
Posted Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has a profile up about Dr. Greg Plotnikoff, medical director at Abbott's Center for Integrative Medicine, and a huge advocate of vitamin D. It is great to see someone who is so passionate about natural cures getting this kind of exposure, and then in turn using his opportunity to try and educate rather than coming on with a sale's pitch.

He has good cause to be excited. As increasing amounts of literature flood scientific journals concerning the subject, it seems all the more likely that a simple dose of vitamin D everyday could be of great benefit to many, many people. To date, vitamin D deficiency has been linked to seventeen types of cancer, diseases of the heart and the autoimmune system, and even psychological disorders such as ADHD and depression. The issue is especially grave for people in climates without much sunshine (as sunlight is the natural way for our bodies to produce the vitamin), as well as overweight and elderly populations.

At any rate, it is a very interesting article, following Dr. Plotnikoff about, and gaining insight through both individual cases and the broader trends he has uncovered thus far in his crusading for what he believes to be "the nutrient of the decade". The enthusiasm alone is well worth checking out for yourself: Wondrous Vitamin D


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